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Emiliano Lucero Photography

Emiliano Lucero is a Medical doctor specialized in travel and tropical medicine, he travels the world working in emergency humanitarian aid, and goes alwas with his camara capturing candid moments, wildlife in it's natural habitats.

Publicly acclaimed, award winning photographer, that's not me, not yet. Sorry.
I'm a medical doctor who loves humanity and nature, Originally from Argentina, I'm a nomad,  when ever it's possible I'm on the move and I try to have always with me my Camera.

I consider that photos are a way to share what my eyes had the privilege to see. I take mainly candid and wildlife photos.

 Am I a professional photographer? or an amateur?  I can't say, I don't make a living of photography, something very difficult to achieve in these days. You can sure help buying some prints! But I'm very serious when taking photos, either there are just for me or part of an assignment.

As a candid I photographer I try to keep at minimum the post processing of my photos, and if more editing is done I will be honest with it. I try to manage to show the most approximate to what I saw.

As a medical doctor I work for many years  in the humanitarian aid sector, which is by no means a way to get rich, that's why I decided to allow my photos to be purchased, so any revenue that may be produced allows my photography "pay its self" (hosting, expositions, etc), take more photos and hopefully  upgrade my equipment, and in the hypothetical case I become a best seller and start really making a profit, I will for sure support some NGO that protects, nature, environment or people in need.

This will be only possible with your help, supporting me by buying some prints. At the moment I have 0 (cero) sells! I couldn't even buy my own print due to the cost of producing this site.

Please contact  me if:

-  you want a size or a product and you donĀ“t find it available.

- If you live in Argentina or Peru you can contact me to buy prints locally .

- Your not happy with the price of the photo you want.

- you live in Europe and want a print form an European lab.

- want to talk about a commercial license for any of my photos.

- you wish to interview me. 

- you would like to collaborate with me financing a expedition to any remote place!! :) 

- just want to say hello, or ask me anything of the photos or the site.

- traveling to Argentina and want some advice.


Please visit my personal website www.emilianolucero.com

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